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sl-lyist: You are seriously the nicest person on this entire fucking planet. The iPhone you gave is the fucking best, and I will use it till the day I day. And then I see your new holiday giveaway? Holy fuck. Stop being so cute and generous. You make everyone else look like shit. I love you so much.

Awh, thank you c:
Enjoy the iPhone!

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Any suggestions?


So, there is only one more day left to enter my back to school giveaway, and it’s almost that time of year for my big holiday giveaway!! If you guys haven’t been a part of my holiday giveaway before, LISTEN UP BECAUSE I NEED HELP FROM ALL OF MY BEAUTIFUL FOLLOWERS. 

What I want you guys to do is tell me things that you want for the holidays. It can be books, fandom related stuff, art supplies, anything your precious little heart desires (it has to be practical and fit in a box so I can actually mail it to you, you sarcastic fuckers.) When the time comes, I will mix all of your suggestions together and put together a few separate giveaways or one huge one that will have multiple winners (it all depends on how many things are part of the giveaway).

This giveaway will be posted on the night of Halloween (October 31st). So, I need your suggestions preferably a week before Halloween so I have time to find and buy the things for the giveaway. My holiday giveaway has been successful before so hopefully it’ll be a good one this year too! SO START SENDING ME ALL OF YOUR WONDERFUL SUGGESTIONS. PLEASE.

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